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Sant'Agata di Militello




Sicily is a special land: our climate, our sea, the cultural heritage, the gastronomic specialities, the friendly people, our agriculture, make this region a destination for people from all over the world….

S. Agata Militello It is a well known tourist resort with a splendid sea- front, an ancient castle dating back to 1500. The village offers a variety of typical restaurants, bars and discotecques for a very lively night life, from the quays of its port depart most ferry- boats for the Eolian Islands . From Sant' Agata is possible to reach many places famous us:

Parco dei Nebrodi Only 10 Km away, it is a natural park of over 80 thousand hectares
with stupendous indigenous flora and fauna. Escursions are possible on foot and on horse- back.

Capo D'orlando A very well known tourist resort (15 Km) and one of the most important in the Sicily.

Tindari , only 40 Km away, is famous for its greek theatrer, black Madonne and the Marinello lakes.

S.Marco d'Alunzio (fifteen Km away) is an ancient village of ellenic origin.

Santo Stefano di Camastra (Twentyfive Km away) is well known for its colourful ceramics.

Cefalù (Sixty Km away) is one of the best known touristic attractions in Sicily.

Messina (About 100 Km away).

Taormina - (120 Km away) . It is the most important tourist place in Sicily

(120 Km away) is the capital of Sicily and proudly portrays it's unique mediterranean architecture.





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